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get ready all you lonely girls and boys and non-binary individuals, and leave those umbrellas at home

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"But somewhere else, OK? A duplex, or an apartment… I don’t think a condo."
And he said “No, not a condo.”

This is a kinetic typography short I created because I absolutely adore Dylan Marron’s voice work for Carlos the Scientist, and I wanted to do something special for it. :]

While the visual is all me, the audio is from the Live at The Bell House recording of Condos, which you should totally buy in full here if you haven’t heard it yet: [x

This is beautifully done. Got me squealing and rolling around crazily again.

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→ btvs/hannibal [1/?]

In which Buffy meets Hannibal, figures out he eats people and then decides to outpun him.


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A coffee pot can be a coffee mug if you just don’t fucking care


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"This touch was a gift given to him, but not by anyone in particular. There was no books, no instructions, no manufacturer’s warranty. It just was." ~ The Narrator
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I have such a weakness for characters who use snark and humor to cover up the fact that they feel like huge fuck ups but they’re actually heroes with hearts of gold and smart as all hell



Game of Thrones cast photos out of character.

I love these photos so much

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You haven’t felt true pain until your favourite book gets made into the crappiest movie ever

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Name a fictional character you think I’d make good friends with


bonus points for explaining


a message i never thought i’d have to send


a message i never thought i’d have to send

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